Kawanoe Zoki to offer BTF™ Headbox Technology in China

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Kawanoe Zoki to offer GL&V Pulp and Paper’s BTF™ Headbox technology in China

GL&V Pulp and Paper is pleased to announce that Kawanoe Zoki, our long term partner in the pulp and paper market in Japan, is taking over responsibility for the BTF™ headbox technology in China. 

Kawanoe Zoki has extensive experience in designing, building and marketing pulp and paper equipment in Asia, and has been a partner of GL&V for more than 20 years. Kawanoe Zoki has sold, designed, manufactured and successfully started up many BTF installations in Japan. They already have extensive experience in the Chinese pulp and paper marketplace with their tissue forming technologies. 

There are now 190 BTF installations worldwide, including 44 in Asia, of which 25 are located in China. GL&V is pleased that Kawanoe Zoki will be continuing to offer customers in China the benefits of BTF Dilution Profiling headbox technology.

For further information, please contact: 

GL&V - btf@glv.com

Kawanoe Zoki - kawanoe@kawanoe.co.jp or visit our website www.kawanoe.co.jp/english/



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