Introducing the FlexJet™ Family of Headboxes

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GLV announces the launch of its new FlexJet™ line of headbox solutions, including new technology designed to optimize performance across a diverse mix of paper making machinery from linerboard, to packaging, fluff pulp, fine and specialty paper.  The introduction of the FlexJet™ line expands GLV's headbox capabilities, and provides multiple options with updated technology and tailored solutions built to serve the specific needs of mills with a wide range of applications.  Models include the FlexJet™ F, FlexJet™ S, FlexJet™ R and the FlexJet™ C, specifically designed to apply Microfibrillated Cellulose (MFC) and other additives.

"The engineering behind the development of FlexJet™ technology south to solve problems for our customer," explains Marc Foulger, Global Business Manager, Headboxes for GLV.  "The innovative nozzle design of each FlexJet™ model offers the widest possible range of MD:CD ratio control, a key metric for optimizing sheet properties for many grades.  The nozzle enables the headbox to produce a squarer sheet for grades such as linerboard, and therefore greater cross directional strength on the paper machine." 

FlexJet™, the newest advancement in sheet forming technology, marks GLV's latest innovation in the company's more than forty year history of delivering customer-centric solutions in engineering, machinery and manufacturing.  The company brings the FlexJet™ technology to market after numerous successful installations and headbox replacement projects in North America, Europe and Asia.  In recent years GLV has pioneered other, long-term, sustainable solutions for paper making, chemical pulping and stock preparation including the MagTrim® slitter positioning system, Coru-lok® washer deck attachment system and the DD® series refiner.  For inquiries or more information, email



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