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HI-Q® Rejects Separator

The HI-Q® Rejects Separator is the secondary knotter of choice, due to its unique high capacity while requiring minimal headroom.

The HI-Q® Rejects Separator was developed in 1991 using a unique rotating screen cylinder concept. That design feature greatly enhances its flow capacity, making it possible for the machine to handle the most difficult applications while being less than half the size of competitive machines. Standing only about 2m high, the machine requires only 1m above it for maintenance clearance. This compares to some competitive machines that are 5m tall, and require another 4m above them for maintenance. Like other machines in the HI-Q family, the Rejects Separator shares common spare parts with many other models, minimizing spare parts stocking requirements.

  • Secondary knotter for chemical pulps
  • Only 2m tall
  • Requires only 1m overhead maintenance clearance
  • One size with sufficient capacity for nearly all applications
  • Discharges nearly fiber-free knots
  • Has a very effective junk trap for collecting stones and metal
  • 15kW / 20 hp motor for minimal energy consumption
  • Can be installed in extremely limited spaces
  • Common spare parts with other HI-Q® equipment
  • Very low good fiber losses
  • Fully enclosed for odor containment
  • Very effective junk trap saves wear on downstream equipment

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