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HI-Q® Knotter

The HI-Q® Knotter provides efficient and economical wood “knot” separation from pulp stream under varied operating conditions. The HI-Q Knotter capitalizes on its inward flow design by protecting the rotating element and hydrofoils and preventing the rotor from degenerating brittle knots into dirt. The HI-Q Knotter has exceptional operating stability due to the patented high-pulse, low-profile hydrofoils.

The HI-Q® Knotter is an inward flow coarse screen specifically designed to separate knots from chemical pulps following the blow tank. Unlike other knotting equipment, the screen cylinder is stationary and smooth, for minimal wear. Since the screen cylinder is stationary, the large, high-maintenance seal at the bottom of the screenplate that is required on rotating cylinder designs is not necessary. The machine is famous for its extremely stable operation, which is largely due to the highly efficient elutriation flow that enters tangentially partway down the screening zone. An important side benefit of this elutriation flow is that since it is either filtrate or low-consistency stock, good fiber is washed into the accepts stream leaving very low consistency rejects. This makes it far easier for the secondary knotter to recover the last of the good fiber.

The HI-Q Knotter shares mechanical components with other members of the HI-Q product family, minimizing spare parts requirements. A vertical shaft-down motor on an integral swing base is connected to the machine via a standard V-belt drive.

  • Vertical inward flow pressure knotter
  • Stationary smooth screen cylinder, drilled in a special pattern to distribute wear across the full length of the hydrofoils
  • Low specific energy consumption due to patented high-pulse low profile hydrofoils
  • Uses high-energy elutriation liquor to allow stable operation and low consistency rejects
  • Seven models can handle up to 2,000 ADMt/d or more in a single unit
  • Nominal inlet consistency 4-6%OD
  • Integral junk trap for heavy contaminants
  • Common spare parts with other equipment in the HI-Q Product Family
  • Grease lubricated bearings
  • Double mechanical seal
  • Small footprint and minimum vertical height makes handling of internal components easy when maintenance is required
  • Designed for continuous, remote, unattended operation
  • Minimal maintenance is required. Hydrofoils typically last 2 to 5 years, and screen cylinders 5 to 10
  • No rotating screen cylinder means no high-maintenance, expensive screen cylinder seal
  • For ease of maintenance, the complete rotating assembly is lifted from above without having to remove the driven sheave or the screen cylinder
  • The bearing assembly and mechanical seal are interchangeable with compatible models of the HI-Q® Reject Separator, HI-Q® Trash Screen, HI-Q® Fine Screen, and TamScreen™ product lines
  • The inflow design with a smooth screen cylinder protects the rotor from damage, and at the same time avoids breaking fragile knots into smaller pieces and dirt that the screens must then remove
  • Large installed base means a well-proven design.

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