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HI-Q® Fibresaver™ Fibre Filter

The HI-Q® Fibresaver™ Liquor Filter very efficiently recovers usable fiber from weak black liquor, bleach plant effluent or white water streams. The filtering medium is an electron-beam drilled screen cylinder with perforations between 100 and 200 µm diameter. The recovered fiber is returned to the process.

The GL&V HI-Q® Fibresaver™ Liquor Filter is an exceptionally cost effective, clean, compact, and safe way to recover good fiber from weak black liquor prior to evaporation, or from either acid or alkali bleach plant effluent streams. It can also be used to polish white water. Keeping good fiber out of the evaporators and heat exchangers prevents scaling and loss of thermal efficiency, thereby greatly extending the time between boil-outs. If this is not enough added value, the recovered fiber is money in your pocket since it has already had considerable value added. The HI Q Fibresaver is based on the industry-leading HI-Q Fine Screen, and shares many key mechanical components.

  • Five models with flow capacities up to 5,500 USgpm (1,250 m³/h) in a single unit
  • Available in several grades of austenitic stainless steel for different applications
  • Shares many mechanical components with the HI-Q® Fine Screen line
  • Rotor optimized specifically for liquor filter service
  • Electron beam drilled screen cylinders with perforations as small as 0.004”
    (0.10mm) diameter
  • High fiber recovery efficiency
  • High unit capacity
  • Common spare parts with other equipment in the HI-Q® product line
  • For ease of maintenance the complete rotating assembly, including the driven sheave, is removed as an assembly from the top

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