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Foam Breaker

GL&V's continuous effort to supply the Paper and Pulp industry with the best essential OEM equipment has led us to providing our stainless steel mechanical Foam Breaker.

The GL&V Mechanical Foam Breaker was developed to efficiently break down and reduce foam generated by brown stock washing or black liquor oxidation systems. Its design assures recovery of valuable chemicals, yet permits the use of a smaller foam collection chamber.

In operation, foam which is generated during the pulping process is usually piped to a foam collection chamber, on top of which a mechanical Foam Breaker is mounted. By its continuous formation, the foam is forced upward through the Foam Breaker where it is reduced to liquor by a specially designed high-speed rotor. The liquor is then centrifugally discharged to the outer chamber and flows through the return line to the lower portion of the tank. Vapor is exhausted through the Foam Breaker’s upper housing and directed to a vapor-abatement system.

GL&V’s Foam Breaker capacities depend on many variables such as liquor viscosity, bubble size, soap content, and foam density. Each application will be considered on an individual basis to suit customer requirements.

GL&V’s Foam Breaker’s housing is designed for welding to a conical, flat, or domed top fabricated tank and is supplied complete with a liquor return flange. As an alternate, GL&V can provide a base flange, at additional cost, for bolting to a mating tank connection. The cover is an all-welded unit consisting of a bearing and motor support with flanged integral vapor outlet chamber, the cover is completely detachable form the main housing for ease of maintenance. The rotor is a balanced unit, keyed and bolted to the shaft for a positive drive. The shaft rotates in grease lubricated, anti-friction bearings encased in a sealed housing to give years of trouble free service. Bearing covers with lip seals are provided on each end. The bearing housing is detachable as a complete unit. Where the shaft passes through the cove, it is sealed with a multiple-row packing box arrangement complete with an adjustable gland.

The GL&V Foam Breaker is designed to be direct-driven by a standard, foot-mounted, 900/1000 RPM (60/50 Hz) motor. The critical speed of the rotor prevents the use of a higher speed motor. Motors will be furnished by the customer unless otherwise noted.

  • Specially designed high-speed rotor
  • Designed for multiple tank orientations
  • Detachable housing cover allows for ease of maintenance
  • Sealed bearing housing gives years of trouble-free service

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