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Discharge Valve Assembly

The discharge area is the key to hydraulic efficiency. A conventional discharge valve can diminish the available vacuum in your pulp-washing cylinder by up to 75% . GL&V offers an UltraFlow® Discharge Valve Assembly that allows for a better streamlined discharge area. We can offer three basic configurations to suit many types of Vacuum Washers. The conical valve to fit IMPCO® Pipe Machines, Coru-Dek® I, and LaValley washers. The cylindrical valve to fit GL&V Coru-Dek® III washers and the flat faced valve to fit Dorr-Oliver®* washers.

As a standard, GL&V supplies its Discharge Valves with a self-lubricating Ultra Seal. This reduces down time and extends our valves performance even further.

*Dorr-Oliver® is a registered trademark of FLSmidth A/S.
*GL&V has no affiliation with FLSmidth A/S or its associated companies.

Although we call this component a valve, it is not a valve in the traditional sense. This device isolates the arc of the drum between near top dead center to just below submergence from the vacuum generated by the drop leg effect. This “no-vacuum” arc is necessary for the negative pressure in the drainage channels to equalize to atmospheric, and enable the take-off device to doctor the mat off the drum.

The patented UltraFlow® Discharge Valve Assembly (DVA) provides a smoother-flowing, gradual transition from the valve seat to the drop leg. Our valve accomplishes this by using gradual changes in direction and cross-sectional areas. By eliminating the abrupt turns and internal bracing of conventional discharge valves, the UltraFlow DVA minimizes turbulence to help maintain maximum flow, decreases head loss, reduces foaming caused by entrained air, and increases available vacuum.

GL&V’s DVA is constructed in a two-pieces design to assure fast and accurate installation, inspection and clearance adjustments. This is achieved by the elbow being constructed as a separate piece. Direct access to the valve seat and vacuum breaker permits accurate clearance adjustment on the conical valve, helping to assure prolonged equipment life and high vacuum control. Along with the two-piece design, GL&V has continued to improve its DVA by incorporating a self-lubricating Ultra Seal mechanical valve seal that reduces maintenance downtime while also improving performance. The Ultra Seal mechanical valve seal eliminates the need for packing and reduces trunnion wear by providing a more positive seal while reducing vacuum loss.

  • Completely isolates vacuum from the cylinder drainage surface at take-off
  • Eliminates valve holding arms from center pipe type machines
  • Improved efficiencies
  • Adjustable valve timing
  • Unique shape to the vacuum valve support that reduces filtrate turbulence that allows increased capacity of the filter
  • Incorporated Ultra Seal eliminates conventional packing and wear on the trunnion sleeve to allow for an increase in longevity

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