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WellDrain® Sector

The WellDrain® disc sector covering provides a substantial increase in drainage surface area through its unique corrugated shape. The increased surface area enables both a smaller disc filter for new applications and in many cases a considerable increase in capacity for an existing installation.

Retrofitting Welldrain® segments onto an existing disc filter is a cost effective way to increase capacity. In many cases this will provide the increased performance or capacity required with the existing filter, eliminating the need for larger capital investments


  • Deckers (TMP, GW, DIP)
  • Savealls 

The WellDrain® corrugated sector is primarily applied to low freeness pulps where the cake collected on the filter surface is relatively thin. References can be provided on for both thickeners and saveall systems for fiber recovery from paper machine white water.

Because GL&V is the OEM for Beloit Polydisk®, Hedemora® VDF™, Impco® and Dorr-Oliver®* Disc Filters, our product engineers have proprietary access to drawings for the centershafts (cores), discs and suction valves of existing filters, as well as records giving the hydraulic capacity of the equipment. This information, combined with our extensive knowledge base of pulp drainage characteristics, makes us uniquely able to evaluate and accurately access the potential increase in an existing disc filter’s capacity from using WellDrains. Disc Filters from other manufacturers can also be evaluated with a site audit.

*Dorr-Oliver® is a registered trademark of FLSmidth A/S.
*GL&V has no affiliation with FLSmidth A/S or its associated companies.
  • High capacity
  • High pulp discharge consistency
  • Improved filtrate quality
  • Durable stainless steel filter mesh
  • Easy maintenance and service

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