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VDF™ Disc Filter

The VDF™ disc filter is designed for recovering fiber from paper machine white water while producing high quality filtrate. It is also designed for thickening low to medium freeness pulp, especially where high discharge consistency is required.

Reliable Operation
The VDF™ filter is a reliable, state-of the-art disc filter, continuously improved through many years of experience in different applications world-wide. The rugged design ensures the highest possible availability.

Superior Filtrate Quality
20 sectors per disc — and low internal volume in the disc segments, shaft channels and suction valve — allow cloudy filtrate to be contained and purged from the filter quickly, improving clear filtrate quality. The clear filtrate can also be split into two fractions, clear and super-clear filtrate, depending on the process needs.

Easily Cleaned Cloths and Sectors
Each disc has 20 grid sectors that drain to corresponding filtrate channels in the shaft. The grids have more than 90% open area, preventing pulp and debris from accumulating between the filter media and the sector. The open grid also allows the cleaning showers to wash the filter media from both sides, improving cleanliness and effectiveness of the media.

Quick Dismounting of Sectors 
To minimize the time needed to swap out disc sectors, GL&V has developed a cassette concept that makes it possible to remove and install sectors quickly. The cassette holders remain on the shaft, while the sectors are serviced from the platform through the hood doors, without entering the vat.

Flexible Installation
The VDF filter is designed for both clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation. This provides greater flexibility when planning the mill layout, for example, when series or parallel operation mode is needed.

The compact design of the VDF filter minimizes the floor space required for installation.

General Data

VDF 6.2 7485 4000 3730
VDF 5.2 6410 3650 3000
VDF 3.66 4550 2435 2250

VDF™ Filter 6.2

No disc 8 14 20 26 30
Area (m2) 385 675 965 1250 1500
A (mm) 6180 8130 10080 12030 13980
Net Weight (ton) 27 37 48 59 70
Op. Weight (ton) 120 190 260 330 380

VDF™ Filter 5.2

No disc 8 14 20 26 30
Area (m2) 248 434 620 806 930
A (mm) 5940 8040 10210 12310 13710
Net Weight (ton) 22.6 30.9 39.9 48.9 54.5
Op. Weight (ton) 83 133 183 233 267

VDF™ Filter 3.66

No disc 6 10 14 20 27
Area (m2) 84 140 196 280 378
A (mm) 4525 5825 7125 9075 11350
Net Weight (ton) 10.9 14.1 17.5 22.2 27.8
Op. Weight (ton) 33 49 66 90 119

All wetted parts are high grade stainless steel. Polypropylene filter cloth is standard. Kynar and stainless steel filter media are also available as an option.

The design is protected by patents and patent applications.

For more information please contact your Local Representative or Regional Headquarters.

  • Reliable Operation
  • Superior Filtrate Quality
  • Easily Cleaned Filter Media and Sectors
  • Quick Sector Removal
  • Flexible Installation

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