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Replacement Sectors and Bags

GL&V is the OEM supplier for Celleco® CDI & CDP, Hedemora® VDF, Beloit Polydisk®, Impco® Disk Filters. GL&V can also supply parts for Dorr-Oliver®* Disc Filters.

*Dorr-Oliver® is a registered trademark of FLSmidth A/S
*GL&V has no affiliation with FLSmidth A/S or its associated companies.

GL&V is the OEM supplier for the following Disc Filters & Sizes:

Celleco® CDI
4.0 m
5.0 m
5.5 m

Celleco® CDP
3.0 m

Hedemora® VDF
3.66 m
5.0 m
5.2 m

Beloit Polydisk®
7 ft 6 inch
10 ft
12 ft 6 inch

9 ft 6 inch
12 ft
5 m

GL&V can also supply parts for Dorr Oliver®* Disc Filters.

9 ft
12 ft
15 ft

  • The grid design offers increased open area of 80%-90% in comparison to sheet metal foot-mounted sectors
  • For center-shaft filters, cassette holders allow disc rigidity superior to conventional foot-mounted sectors, as well as ease of maintenance
  • Polypropylene and Kynar fabric coverings are made from a single piece of fabric
  • Stainless steel covers are also available
  • Improved bag life and operating efficiency due to open grid design, which prevents accumulation of pulp between the bag and the sector
  • Lower sector maintenance costs
  • Improved filtrate quality due to better seals and fewer fastener openings

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