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Bow Screen - Gravity

The S Bow Screen is a simple and effective machine capable of recovering fibers and other particles as small as 350 microns in length from a water suspension. The S Bow Screen is very compact, has no moving parts and requires a minimum of maintenance.


The screen plate is constructed of wedge bars forming a bowed surface with horizontal slots between the bars. Normal slot width is 350 microns. The flow to be screened enters via a feed box, from which it flows by gravity over a weir onto the screen plate.

As the suspension flows along the screen plate, thin layers of water are "sliced off" by the screen bars and pass through the slots together with fine particles. For optimum performance from the bow screen, it is important that the bars forming the screen plate have a sharp upper edge meeting the flow.

Fibers in the suspension align themselves in the direction of now. Thus, the majority of fibers longer than the s lot width will be retained on the screen surface and slide down to discharge at 3-4% solids, depending on the application.

Under normal operating conditions the screen plates will provide a constant, unhindered flow. If the screen plate blinds over during unusual conditions, it can easily be cleaned with a water hose - even during operation. 

In exceptionally difficult applications, the screen can be equipped with an oscillating cleaning shower that is automatically activated for intermittent cleaning of the entire screening surface.

Main Applications:

  • Wood room effluent
  • Debarking water
  • Chip wash water
  • Reject dewatering
  • Fiber separation


Screen Model Width Length (B) Height Net Weight
S-1 1842 mm (73") 858 mm (34") 2315 mm (91") 400 kg (900 lbs)
S-2 1842 mm (73") 1519 mm (60") 2315 mm (91") 550 kg (1200 lbs)
S-3 1842 mm (73") 2177 mm (86") 2315 mm (91") 750 kg (1650 lbs)

Shower Option, Water Flow Requirements: 120 LPM (32 GPM), 7.0 bar (100 psi).

Slot width selections include 250, 350 and 500 microns, depending on application.

  • Low maintenance cost – no moving parts
  • High turndown capability

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