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Winder Service

Keep your winder running at peak efficiency with the highest roll quality through regular maintenance. GL&V winder specialists offer winder optimization programs, in-mill training seminars and top quality service throughout the life or your machine.

The GL&V Winder Optimization Program brings highly trained Winder Technical Service Engineers on regularly scheduled visits to your mill to inspect and calibrate the winder, identify worn parts for replacement and help reduce unscheduled downtime by regular preventive maintenance thus increasing profitability and improving roll quality. GL&V also offers in-mill educational seminars customized to your equipment. The One-Day Winder Technologies training is designed for your operating personnel to become familiar with the theory of roll structure and nip mechanics. Also discussed is TNT, Spreading and Roll Defects to assist your personnel in producing a “good roll” for your end customer. The classroom training is reinforced by concluding the session with an on-machine period to answer any real-life issues being faced by your personnel. Maintenance personnel, as well as machine superintendents and production personnel will also benefit from this training.

  • GL&V Engineers visit your site on a quarterly or semi-annual basis
  • Inspect and calibrate winder; perform checks and corrections; instruct operators on latest techniques
  • Detailed survey of winder recorded for later comparison and discussion
  • Gap test performed on signature rolls to reveal true performance of winder and controls, if required
  • “Clean Sweep” of winder, effecting repairs in coordination with the mill trades and advising on improvements to be made
  • Optionally, Winder Service engineer can conduct hands-on training for operators and maintenance personnel
  • Exit meeting between GL&V and mill representatives to discuss work done and list of things to do prior to the next visit
  • Largest service department in the industry
  • Regional service engineers nationwide
  • Repair any manufacturers’ winders
  • Dedicated aftermarket facility
  • Improved roll quality due to calibrated instrumentation
  • Improved production due to reduced component problems and shortened winder downtime
  • Improved roll quality and improved production due to operator training
  • Increased profits through reduction of machine down-time due to unexpected component problems

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